Come join us for 36 hours of learning, creating, and hacking in a city known for its technological innovations. Hackers will be given access to a large collection of hardware ranging from sensors to VR headbands, the sky's the limit, we're super excited to see what comes out of this! 

Event Timeline: 

Friday 7:00 PM Hacker Registration Opens
  7:30pm Team Formation Session
  8:00pm Dinner
  9:00 PM Opening Ceremoines
  10:00 PM Hacking Begins!
  11:00pm Hardware Workshop
Saturday 8:30 AM Breakfast
  10:00 AM OpenSCAD Workshop
  11:00 AM Microsoft Workshop
  1:00 PM Lunch
  2:00 PM Marshmallow Challenge
  4:00 PM Nokia Workshop
  6:00 PM RL Solutions Workshop
  6:00 PM Spicy Noodle Blind UI Challenge
  8:30 PM Dinner
Sunday 7:30 AM Breakfast
  10:00 AM Hacking Ends (DevPost Submissions Due)
  11:00 AM Judging Begins
  1:00pm Closing Ceremonies
  2:00 PM Hardware REturns



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$12,850 in prizes

First Place

$200 cash prize
$1,000 in indico API credit per team member on winning team
Withings Steel HR per team member
1 Year Github Subscription

Second Place

$100 cash prize
$500 in indico API credit per team member on winning team
One month of Cloud Platform usage.

Third Place

$50 cash prize
$275 in indico API credit per team member on winning team

Best Use of the Nokia Motive® Connected Device Platform

Lunch and meet/greet with Nokia Leadership at Nokia’s HQ. Demo your innovation to Nokia Leadership. Continued access to Nokia CDP for 1 month for further development

Best Use of the indico Machine Learning APIs

$1000 in indico API credit per team member on winning team

Best Hack with a .tech domain name

$200 Amazon Gift Card

RL Tech Prize

Mini drones

People's Choice


Best Newbie Hack (whole team must be new to hackathons)


Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:




Judging Criteria

  • Innovativeness/Creativity (10 pts)
    Is it something new? Have you never seen an idea like this before? Does it strike you as being original? Does the project go beyond traditional rules, patterns, and/or definitions? Does the project demonstrate progressiveness and imagination?
  • Complexity (10 pts)
    Is the project composed of many different parts? Does the project require skill to assemble? Did the participants learn and explore significantly to complete the project? Were multiple devices/APIs meaningfully used as part of the project?
  • Usability/Quality (10 pts)
    Is this project something you or someone you know would want to use? How close is the project to being usable/final project? Is the project usable for many (different) people? How complete is the project? Is the project easy to use?
  • Impact (10 pts)
    Would this project have a significant impact on someone’s life? Would this help improve quality of life? Is this something the participants are interested in pursuing further? Does the project consider a broader world view?
  • Diversity/Inclusivity (5 pts)
    Does the project consider marginalized groups? Does the project consider different body types? Would the project help increase access for individuals who sometimes are unable to access needed or desired resources?
  • Design (10 pts)
    How aesthetically pleasing is the project? Did thought go into project design? Does the project combine quality design with quantitative complexity? Does the design contribute to user experience?
  • Pitch (5 pts)
    Was the pitch professional? Was the overall presentation well done? Was the hack understandable after the pitch?

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